5 Ways to Help Your Kids Learn to Love Veggies

We’re not sure where the “Kids don’t like vegetables” rumor got started, but we’re here to dispel it once and for all. The kid + vegetable equation is an easy one when you work it the right way, so sharpen your pencils. Here’s how to do it.

  • Model good eating habits. Kids are so impressionable. Make a strong impression at the get-go by modeling good eating habits. If your little ones see you excited to dig into a helping of balsamic-glazed Brussels sprouts or roasted beets, chances are pretty good they will want to do the same. Your example will work.
  • Start early. Babies eat pureed vegetables without fuss (well…maybe not ALL of the time). As they become toddlers and youngsters, keep serving up appetizing, flavorful veggies. Eating vegetables becomes second nature—one of those “good” habits.
  • Don’t use food (or some other reward) as a bargaining tool. The old “If you eat all your vegetables, you can have dessert” (or some other reward) is a deal that’s doomed to disaster. This lose-lose negotiation fails behaviorally and dietarily.
  • Prepare vegetables that look, smell, and taste great. Whether you’re serving up raw veggies paired with tasty dips or hummus, marinated roasted veggies, or veggies blended into soups, salads or pastas, be bold with flavors and seasonings to awaken a child’s palate and curiosity about food and nutrition.
  • Get the kids involved. When possible, let kids make the choice. If children can participate in the selection, preparation and/or cooking of vegetables at mealtime, they become more interested in the process and are more likely to appreciate and enjoy what they’re eating.

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