Five Easy Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make

Part of what makes the holiday season special is giving to others. For kids, this might mean coming up with ideas to please mom, dad, siblings, and other family members. It can be tough going and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. While we don’t want to step on Martha Stewart’s toes, here are some simple, easy holiday gifts that kids will enjoy making (and you might even enjoy receiving).

1. Bead bracelets or napkin rings

Supplies: beads, elastic thread

Directions: Tie a knot at the end of a length of elastic thread (shorter for napkin rings; longer for a bracelet). Thread colorful beads on the elastic thread until you’ve reached the desired length. Knot the two ends together and trim any excess thread. Napkin rings can be done as sets and neatly boxed.

2. Colorful cork coasters

Supplies: cork, cardboard, scissors, non-toxic paint or markers

Directions: Cut cardboard into a 4″ round template. Trace the template on the cork and cut out the desired number of cork circles. Decorate the circles with geometric patterns, holiday images, monograms, etc., using the non-toxic paint or markers. Like the napkin rings, they can be done as sets and boxed.


Supplies: Cardboard, cardstock, scissors, paint, markers, stickers

Directions: Cut the cardboard to create a template measuring 1-1/2″ x 7”. Use the template to trace multiple bookmarks on the cardstock. Cut out the bookmarks and decorate with the paint, markers, or stickers.

4. Lego pen/pencil holder

Supplies: Small Lego bricks, photographs (optional), glue stick

Directions: Create a 4″ x 4” base. Build up narrow walls about 3-1/2″ high on each of the four sides to create an open square cup. You can incorporate a pattern with your bricks, opt for all one color, or something in between. You can dress up the pen/pencil holder further by gluing on photographs or holiday-inspired images.

5. Yarn-wrapped heart

Supplies: cardboard, yarn, scissors

Directions: cut a heart shape out of the cardboard (anywhere from 3″ to 6″). Using a single color or multicolored yarn, begin wrapping yarn every which way across the heart until the cardboard doesn’t show. Leave a bit of yarn hanging from the top to hang the heart from a door or window.

This is just the tip of the craft iceberg. We could launch into origami cranes and potato stamped tea towels, but we’ll leave the rest to you. Let these easy holiday gift ideas inspire you and your kids to come up with their most creative holiday gifts ever. A gift from the heart is a gift to treasure.