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Inspired Eats – French Onion Soup

When cold weather arrives, is there anything better than a cozy night in with a hot bowl of soup, a warm blanket, fuzzy socks and a movie?  Sounds like the perfect winter evening to us. Now the big question is…what kind of soup to have? Well, we have the answer with this delicious French onion [...]

Inspired Eats – French Onion Soup2019-12-16T14:28:23-05:00

Inspired Eats – Mixed Berry Cobbler

Who doesn’t love a warm and cozy cobbler? A cobbler is basically bringing together pie, cake and shortcake into one delicious dessert. What’s not to love about that? Plus, cobblers are easy, made with only a few simple ingredients and can be baked in the oven or your slow cooker. Top with whipped cream, ice [...]

Inspired Eats – Mixed Berry Cobbler2019-11-22T13:41:20-05:00

Inspired Eats – Coconut Oil Waffles

Can we have waffles every single day? While these are a classic breakfast favorite, we give this recipe a little twist by adding coconut oil. These delicious and very easy coconut oil waffles are sure to quickly become a breakfast staple in your home. SERVES: 4 (Serving Size: 2 Waffles) TOTAL TIME: 30 MINUTES INGREDIENTS [...]

Inspired Eats – Coconut Oil Waffles2019-10-24T15:26:33-04:00

Inspired Eats – Crustless Veggie & Cheese Quiche

Quiches aren’t just for breakfast. This quick & simple crustless broccoli cheddar quiche is a perfect gluten-free option for any meal.  Using Inspired Organics frozen veggies makes this recipe even more convenient. While we chose broccoli and cheddar, the flavor possibilities are endless! Switch up your veggies – iO organic frozen spinach (thawed and squeeze [...]

Inspired Eats – Crustless Veggie & Cheese Quiche2019-08-29T13:03:56-04:00

Inspired Eats – Honey Apple Cider Vinaigrette

Take your salads to the next level in just 5 minutes! This simple and quick honey apple cider vinaigrette only uses 5 ingredients that you likely already have stocked in your pantry. SERVES:  6 PREP TIME:  5 MINUTES TOTAL TIME: 5 MINUTES INGREDIENTS ¾ cup iO organic extra virgin olive oil ¼ cup iO organic [...]

Inspired Eats – Honey Apple Cider Vinaigrette2019-08-01T11:35:08-04:00

Inspired Eats – Sheet Pan Nachos

It seems as though you can make almost anything in a sheet pan these days – which makes perfect sense. Easy serving, easy cleaning… we love it! These loaded sheet pan nachos are the perfect people-pleaser for any event. You could even mix things up and serve a variety of quarter or half-sheet pans each [...]

Inspired Eats – Sheet Pan Nachos2019-08-01T14:27:09-04:00

Entertaining: How to Accommodate Guests with Dietary Needs

Food allergies. Gluten intolerance. Vegetarian diets. Vegan diets. Paleo diets. Dairy-free diets. Sugar-free diets. Religious dietary laws. The number of considerations when entertaining a crowd and serving food seems to grow exponentially each year. What can a conscientious host or hostess to do address these factors? For starters, know that there’s no single solution that [...]

Entertaining: How to Accommodate Guests with Dietary Needs2019-07-16T16:21:12-04:00

Inspired Eats – Quick & Easy Classic Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs are always a crowd pleaser at any group function. Ever notice that people can’t seem to eat just one? Thankfully, these tasty little bites are super easy to make and even easier when you use already hard-boiled eggs. SERVES:  12 PREP TIME:  30 MINUTES INGREDIENTS 2 – 6 pack pouches iO organic hard-boiled [...]

Inspired Eats – Quick & Easy Classic Deviled Eggs2019-08-01T14:27:40-04:00

The Benefits of Steel Cut Oats and How to Enjoy Them

Did you know that when you have a bowl of oatmeal, you’re eating what some people think of as a superfood? Yes, the humble oat—which you always knew was good for you—is considered to be one of world’s healthiest grains. Regardless of their often squishy texture when cooked, oats are a valuable source of vitamins, [...]

The Benefits of Steel Cut Oats and How to Enjoy Them2019-06-27T11:27:11-04:00

5 Healthy and Delicious Popsicle Recipes

Hot summer weather is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to think about cool summer foods. High on that list is a perennial favorite—the popsicle, a treat for children of all ages. But we’re not talking about store-bought, capital “P” Popsicles. As popular as those—and similar, mass-produced delights—are, they usually contain artificial [...]

5 Healthy and Delicious Popsicle Recipes2019-06-25T12:55:53-04:00
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